You are not here by accident
"Miracle" is a neuro training used to increase your income up
to 9 times in 1 year
as well as achieve any goals and dreams. We use only practical and trusted techniques, that have been in use for over 15 years.
What will I get? Why do I need it?
Here is the minimum of what you get by mastering the techniques of S. Ershov
You will find meaning and feel the joy of life
I think, this is the most important part of the course. Living without joy, love and abundance is no more than daily suffering and self-flagellation. It's time to enjoy life. You can do it!
Learn working with your thoughts
You have probably heard that you are what you think, say, hear, eat, etc. As you can see, it all starts with "I think." You will learn how to control your thoughts, stay focused for a long time and achieve your goals.
Learn how to fight laziness and kickbacks
Our techniques are debugged and simple, but your body and brain can resist the change, trying to reverse you to the previous mental state. You will understand what is happening and how to work with it.

Turn Turbo mode on
We do not promise to cure cancer, find you a partner or make you a billionaire. We promise that our techniques will help you achieve your goals 10-1000 times faster and with joy.

Unique and very transparent content
You have never heard the power of thoughts explained so transparently before. Yes, we have a basis taken from quantum physics and other spheres, but we've personally practices and checked all the techniques and can guarantee that they really do work.
You will finally understand your life purpose
This is what gives you goosebumps, makes you wake up at 6 a.m. every morning full of energy and desire to create, fulfill your ambitions and enjoy life!
Sergey Ershov
The founder of the ICTM, author of the course
I'm not perfect. On the contrary, my life could be called a battle for happiness. For 8 long years, I have been reading books on self-development. I think you know what I'm talking about.

I didn't just read like millions of other people. My distress and feeling of wasted potential were so great that I practiced every technique I encountered in the books. I worked day by day. I had my ups and downs.

I only kept the most powerful practices and techniques, those that really worked. And finally, it all turned into a 3-day system to transform your thinking and achieve any goals - MIRACLE.
What is this system based on?
8 years of experience using techniques from various books formed the basis. More than 1,500 students can testify for effectiveness of techniques we offer.

6-8 April

Бодо Шефер "Путь к финансовой независимости"

Анатолий Некрасов "Путы материнской любви"

Вадим Зеланд "Трансерфинг реальности"

Джон Кехо "Подсознание может всё!"

Джо Диспенза "Сила подсознания"

Стивен Кови "7 навыков высокоэффективных людей"

Брайан Трейси "Достижение максимума"

Роберт Чалдини "Психология влияния"

What do my students say?
A lot has changed in my life thanks to S. Ershov. This course is better than anything I've tried before. Sergey knows what he is doing and covers the individual needs of every student. Just try, the world has changed for me. This is different from anything I have experienced during any other business, relationship or health courses
M. Tsygankov
I have long suspected that one needs a mentor to succeed in any completely new activity. After reading a lot of books, I lacked systematic exercises, tips, and guidance from someone who has already trodden this path. I met Sergey Ershov, he helped me concentrate on the exercises and go through each stage of meditation. I am pleased with my results, I think it would have been difficult to complete what I have started without proper support. Thanks for your helping hand!
Alice A.

Chief Analyst
For whom is this course?
For everyone who feel that something just isn't right
Wake up, have breakfast, go to work… home, work, family.
You want to improve yourself, but something always disturbs you and there's no time.
You feel resentment, anger, insecurity, envy, criticism, fear, guilt, shame, etc.
You love changing yourself, learning new things and you want to go to the next level
And necessarily...
For entrepreneurs
Tired of the constant struggle with yourself. It seems I know everything, but my results and income do not change.
You always set goals. You start working on them, but there's not enough energy and after a couple of days you give up.
You begin easily but give up before reaching the result. You're hitting the glass ceiling.
Neuro training format
8 webinars
2 hours 2 times a week

Private chatroom
A group of like-minded people for motivation and support.

Packages: Result,
VIP, Breakthrough
Experienced neuro trainer and coach

Every day feedback

Packages: Result,
VIP, Breakthrough
Simple tasks from the mini-course "Fulfillment of desires"

Feedback from the instructor and S. Ershov

Online Meetings

We solve the issues that you encounter while practicing techniques
Recognize signs from the universe ...
Course program

Rewire your brain and create your new personality

You will fix your sleep schedule and learn to think about priorities. This will help you achieve your goals up to 9 times faster.
Answer the question "Who am I?" CREATE your ideal personality based on your true values, goals and desires

You will get rid of useless thoughts and your inner compass will point to success
You will reveal your strengths and talents and find your life purpose
Launch the process of inevitable goals achievement. Perhaps some of your wishes will come true right during the first week
Week 1
Feeling like a millionaire – New Me
BECOME an author of your life and leave the gray matrix of everyday life, transforming yourself into a new cool personality

Finally start managing YOUR REALITY through your inner state

A new personality - means new reality, new results and new heights that you could not reach before

If before you only had small changes, now you will be able to achieve big goals in a short period of time

You will see what your future is going to be like
Week 2
You will learn to FEEL WORTHY, behave on a par with millionaires, keep your boundaries and do what you want

28 days
Neutralize negative emotions and bad habits
Overcome internal resistance to changes and decrease your mental load
Master secret services technique "Unemotional goal setting" - 99% of people have goals and desires slipping out of their hands because they want them too much
Avoid falling into a financial hole, that 99% of people working with their financial thinking encounter
My personal technique "Antisoap" – to make sure you goals never slip away
You will master technique that in just 15 minutes will give you + 30% energy and fortitude, you'll unstoppable
Week 3
Self-awareness and New Personality consolidation
Track and remove all restricting states of mind and negative emotions, that block your energy and achievement of goals
Quit bad habits and find inner resources
Stop self-destructive actions and break out of recurrent negative patterns
Me personal technique will help you to stop recurrent events, that ruin your progress
You will become self-aware, awake mentally and be able to concentrate for long periods of time
Week 4
Master the basics of karmic management, so even strangers will begin helping you to achieve your goals
Secret method of auto-healing and auto-achieving
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I can do it!
Participation in all webinars
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No help from coaches (you do the tasks individually)

You can ask questions during the webinar
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